Behind the Brand

La Maison de Laurette is a concept store that came out of Alexandra’s childhood dream of opening a boutique where she could share her passion for decoration and her taste for beauty. 

Growing up surrounded by the luxury of the French Riviera and spending all her summer vacations in St Tropez, she quickly developed an interest in decoration, inspiring her creativity and her unique style. Her life’s journey took her to the French Caribbean island of St Barth where the world’s top designers are brought in to decorate villas and yachts. 

Upcycle Collage
Upcycling Quote

The choice of recycling furnitures comes out of the desire to stop the waste of beautiful wood and the possible change it can make on the environment. La Maison de Laurette selects furnitures made in USA and made with solid wood before upcycling them. 

La Maison de Laurette carefully choses its products based on its origin and how it was produced according to the company’s core values of carrying non animal products, fair trade and ethically made products.